Hello Thomas,

I'm sending you a new game that I wrote (during my lockdown time) for the HP-42S : TWIX, inspired by a game for HP-41 by Guillaume Tello (here, at the bottom: https://gtello.pagesperso-orange.fr/hp41_e.htm), that was itself inspired by an old game for HP-67/97 named "Super Twix".

The goal of the game is to reproduce a random combination of 9 unique numbers, by manipulating numbers with different possibilities using the top-row keys :

- shift all numbers to the left

- swap the 2 most-left numbers

- swap the 2 numbers at the extremities

- swap the 2 most-right numbers

- shift all numbers to the right

- start a new game

The player has a limited number of moves (depending on the difficulty level) available to reproduce the winning combination.

For each new game, the program randomly chooses a combination of 9 unique numbers forming the "goal" combination to achieve (numbers on black background), and then shuffles them to form the numbers that the player starts with (numbers on white background).

Depending on the difficulty level, this setup phase takes about 30 to 45 seconds on a real HP-42S, so it's better to switch to fast mode if possible, for a smoother experience.

The program uses the UFL routine to display the moves counter.

All the sources are available here : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/3q0du0okwo6id26/AADRcumLnk9xS7eL8zqqOrvra?dl=0, including the RAW file for Free42 :)