Installation instructions for "Free42"

Windows Operating System





The attatched file "" contains the *.raw files for the HP42S Cadastral Program (Nikkel Taylor). Install Free42 and import each of the *.raw files in turn. The import process only needs to be performed once; when Free42 is run again later, the programs will still be in memory (they are retained in the state.bin file while Free42 is not running).

Free42 and the optional Free42Skins packages can be downloaded from the Free42 home page at



Palm OS

The author has not yet been able to test and run the programs on Palm OS devices but there should be not problems getting this to work.  Load the Palm OS Free42 version, then load the *.raw files accordingly. 




This is freeware written and produced by Thomas Okken, and all credit needs to be acknowledged to Thomas for his fine work.  The website for Free42 can be found at


On the website is lots of handy information about the HP42S, printer emulation, even access to a manual if you want one.  Most importantly it contains the downloads for Windows and Palm OS versions.



Using Free42

The calculator behaves and can be programmed just like any the real thing. The calculator can be run using your mouse to activate the on-screen keys, your keyboard and number keypad can also be used for data entry. 


The "Enter" key on your keyboard operates the "Enter" Key on the calculator.  To activate the "R/S" key on the calculator and run programs press the "\" (backslash) key on your keyboard.  The "Shift" key on the keyboard activates the "Shift" key on the calculator. 


Further key customization can be accomplished by editing the file "keymap.txt", however be careful to make a backup copy first.



Installing -


1.     Install Free42 and load the *.raw files from


2.     Create desktop shortcut to the file Free42.exe.  You can also allocate your "Calculator" button on a standard PC keyboard to activate Free42 if you like.


3.     In order to capture printer output, set preferences as per the following screen shot:
(The directory name C:\Free42-HP42S is just a suggestion; you can have Free42 use any directory you like for its state files, and you can specify any directory and file name for the print-out capture file as well. Note that the initial setting for the Free42 directory is <My Documents>\Free42. Also note that if you want to use nonstandard "skins" to change the look of the calculator, you will need to download the package and install its contents in the Free42 directory.)


4.     Write and load any programs you like using "import program" "export program" options under the main File menu of Free42.  Free42 uses the files *.raw